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The power of Talent Gallery: experience, creativity and commitment

Who we are

Talent hunters

Talent Gallery, provider of talented Professionals 

We are specialized recruiters of sales, production, logistic and finance professionals.... permanent or as an independant employee. .. young potentials or experienced managers.
We listen, analyse, commit, search and propose the right match, with a clear agreement.  That's our promise.

We believe that there is no war for talent, there is a search for great employers.

Ruud Van Keer, Managing Recruiter



What makes us different?

  • OUR CONSULTANTS: we all come from the workfloor, experienced, knowledgeable and with a clear view on human capital needs
  • OUR NETWORK: wknow where to focus our attention when promoting a new role, what resources and platforms we need 
  • OUR APPROACH: we have our typical methodology in finding talented people, timely and precisely
  • OUR SUCCESS : communication, leadership, solution oriented and clear descision making
  • OUR DNA : As 'pure sang' recruiters, we master the ability to gatheranalyseunderstand and know how to integrate valid data to create new insights

By means of: delivering excellence in

  • Search & Selection  permanent staffing for all your commercial, production, financial and innovative human capital needs
  • Project Outsourcing: urgent need for specific expertise for a specific period of specific professionals 
  • Leadership Management : to become a truly empowered, productive and innovative organization, you need skilled Leaders. We offer the 'Total Leader Concept' with LMI
  • M&A services  We assist talented people in finding the perfect fit for a Business Aqcuisition or MBI.  Via our service Talent Sharing


Jobs in the spotlight

Although many of the roles we are recruiting are highly confidential, and therefore not advertised. Please contact us.

Talent Gallery : a clear offer without nonsens