Our experienced partners

  • Wim Hernalsteen

    Wim Hernalsteen

    Managing Partner

    Expertise : 21 years experience in General Management, Sales & Marketing and Export Co-ordination, with companies such as Henkel, Masterfoods, Pietercil Group at national and international level.

  • Lieve Goedefroy

    Lieve Goedefroy

    Managing Partner

    Expertise : 20 years experience in Management, Management Support & Office Rercruitment, with companies such as Dentoria/Fluocaril, Hay Management Consultants, Pietercil, Schlumberger and Swiss Tourism Board

  • Obert Hennekinne

    Obert Hennekinne


    Expertise : 23 years experience in National Field Sales & Account Management, Business Operations Management (IT, Logistics, Customer Services) and Training Management functions working with companies such as Masterfoods and Pietercil.

  • Maxime De Brabanter

    Maxime De Brabanter


    5 years experience in recruitment, consultancy, Sales & Marketing. Experience in the recruitment world as well as in the search and selection environment Brussels / Wallonia.

  • Patrick Raymakers

    Patrick Raymakers


    28 years of high-level experience and an extensive network in Postal Services, Food Industry, Supply Chain, Telecom, Healthcare Solutions, Digital-and Offset Printing Solutions, Document Management, CRM and Facility Services. His specialties are, in small and large international companies: General Management, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management.

  • Marc Dartevelle

    Marc Dartevelle


    Marc has 20 years of experience in the Retail and Fast Moving Consumer Goods world.
    His specialties are: Retail, General Management & Business Development for companies such as Delfood, Neuhaus, Etam and Intermarché.

  • Eddy Oeyen

    Eddy Oeyen


    Expertise of 26 years in General Management, Sales & Marketing, Field Sales Management, Trade Marketing, Business Development, Export Coordination & Customer Service within companies such as Imperial Meat Products, Spadel, Boost Nutrition (part of Ebro Puleva Group) and KPMG.

  • Eddie Van Raemdonck

    Eddie Van Raemdonck


    Eddie has 30 years of experience in General Management, Sales & Marketing, Sales Team Management, Content Marketing, Business Development, Product Management & Services in the industrial environment within companies such as Mol Cy, Sapa, Stäubli & Nassau Door.

  • Luc Talpaert

    Luc Talpaert


    He is an expert in finding for you the unique candidate to push your company on a higher performance and further growth, he understands multinational structures but also the typical SME culture and their needs. He has a background of 23 years' sales & marketing & general management. Markets: Consumer goods, retail, services, media and advertising and real estate. Speciality Middle-management and higher.

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